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Word of the Year

Do you have a word for 2017?

Having a "word" is something you want to absolutely manifest and incorporate in your life. It means when you're off track, you'll fall back on your word and refocus.

It means that, you have a theme in your life and you're ready to live it out loud!!

I had the word “more” for about a week.

I was meaning “more” in the sense that, I will always strive for more—happiness, love, adventure. But what if, how I am today is just as loved as I want to feel? Just as happy and my adventure gives me awesome pleasure? Because it does!

My problem with the word “more” was that, really, I am huge on the fact that just being who you are… that is enough. 

“More” became me wanting to “do more,” which is absurd because I’m already terrifyingly (and wonderfully) busy with things I love. It became wanting to “be more,” which is also crazy because I’ve worked so hard to feel “enough,” or worthy.

So, my problem with “more,” is that, even though my intentions started out good enough, striving to “be more” is troubling for me.

And, because I’m allowed to change my mind, I did.

My new word for 2017, until determined otherwise, is “OWN.”


And I’ve created a vision about it. I can see myself “owning” 2017.

Like, I’m going to own my mistakes.

I’m going to own who I am.

I am going to own my dreams.

I am going to own up to my past.

I am going to own my future self.

Today, I will own my responsibilities.

And I will own my failures.

Because I’ve learned that failures are so necessary. Like, I can’t wait to make mistakes.

Well... obviously, no one likes to mess up, but I know there is something better on the other side of failure. Because I’ve done it.

I’ve owned the failure to get me to something “more.”

I’m going to own who I am and the path I’m on, and how I’m living.

I’m curious- what is your word for 2017?

If you don’t have one, think about the vision you see for yourself. What is the theme you want to manifest for your life?

Drop me a line and let’s geek out about it!! I can’t wait to hear from you!

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