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Curious Woman

If you’re a curious woman, don’t be with someone who will answer all of your questions.

If you’re a curious woman, chances are, you are bored easily. You crave adventure in every inch of life it can be found: in relationships, while traveling, in books, in every moment of every day, if you allow yourself to see it. If you don’t “get” adventure, you make it.

A curious woman will often feel what is right and not know for certain.

If you’re a curious woman and you’re with a man who gives you everything, go ahead and find someone else to be, another existence. If he gives you all the answers to your “why” questions, all the things you want to hold in your hands, all the things you desire to become in your life… this is not the man for a curious woman.

Because you’ll forget to wonder. You’ll cease to grow. The craving you once had for curiosity and marvel—you’ll turn that light out.

A curious woman is restless and ever-changing. Adaptable, yes. Quiet, not in spirit.

Instead, curious woman, be with a patient man.

You need a partner who understands and doesn’t reel you in with answers and perfect realism.

Patience. You need patience to discover what there is to discover.

Like a butterfly, if you are captured for a single person’s desire and benefit, you begins suffocating. Your wings become shriveled, you forget how to fly. You are crushed by your captivator who tells you the way it should be.


If you are a curious woman, and you’re looking for a man—no, you don’t need a man, but a partner. Find a partner who will let you make mistakes, but will give you space to find your truth. Find your partner so that when you come back from searching the day’s world, together or alone, you smile while talking about every curious detail.

Find a partner who will say yes to come along for the unknown.

Questioning, you will not accept answers as gospel. A curious woman is fleeting, forever wondering, wandering.

Discovery together. Freedom to be.

Capture her, and you’re toxic. Run with her, and you, too, will be free.

If you’re a curious woman, welcome yourself as a friend. You are quick to leap to whatever is next, you can’t slow down for anyone. You’ll need a friend. Become curious what it would be like as your own friend.

Curious woman, you don’t have to run. If you’re a curious woman, wherever you are, you’re home.

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