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Limitless Transitions

Let’s talk transition.

Transitions can be scary. And exciting. And overwhelming.

How do we know we’re in this transition period at all? We know because we’re likely uncomfortable. We’re used to one thing, and here we are, whether we like it or chose it, or not, we’re about to move on. Or maybe we’re unknowingly in the middle of something else already.

Ah! What have I done?

I’m talking moving from girl-to-woman.   Wife-to-mother.   Husband-to-dad.   High school-to-college.   Apartment-to-house.   Student-to-employee.   Lust-to-love.   Employed-to-unemployed.   With love-to-broken heart.   Florida-to-California.

I’m talking yesterday-to-today!


And I think you’re nodding in horror, like oh my gosh, what have I done?

These feelings during transitions are normal. The unknown is scary. But housing these feelings within you as the only feelings you know is damaging to your future. What can we learn?

Notice the things you are telling yourself. Maybe it’s:

“I will fail. It won’t work out. It’s too hard. It’s too much work. I’m not ___ enough.”

How can you have fear and doubt, and place limits on something fresh and new and limitless? Because you’ve never done it before?

Well, guess what? You’ve been there in the past, always becoming something new. You’ve collected those lessons. There are no limits on your transition. Stop doing that!

Yeah, easier said than done… Remember a time that change in your life occurred and you kicked it’s butt! You were on top of the world! Yah! What did that feel like?

That’s calling your name now.

We must remember that, even if we meet these transitions because they just happen to us (hello, being human!), we do have a choice. We have a choice in how we respond, and what we make of it.

Because guess what else? Growth is really hard. A mind game you can't figure out, hard. Like, it makes people (me!) want to crawl up in a ball and weep until my neighbors take pity and want to take my “hard” away from me. Okay, I have thought that, maybe…

Opportunities within transitions don’t happen to people that don’t even give it a chance. They don’t happen to people who don’t rise to the challenge.

Opportunities happen to the embracers. The welcomers of transition and other hard stuff.

But what are you going to meet on the other side? What would you like to learn about yourself?

Isn’t it so exciting to think about?! That you literally do not know the amazing and wonderful things you are allowed to step into within transition periods? That you are allowed to become.

Just become. Whoever, whatever. All you have to do is be open to it. Yup. That’s it. Because, it's happening now, and it will happen again.

Who do you need to be to meet “Transition You?”

What does that person feel like? What do you need to become him or her?

Let me know.

As always, I love your comments and feedback.

Maybe you're going through a transition of your own? Did you also know that I offer a complimentary 30 minute session to see if coaching is a "thing" for you? Email me to set it up!


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