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Celebrate & Get to Word-Work

If you get my newsletter, then you received my "Vision Finder." I made this to help reflect on 2017, and also identify potential roadblocks & then gain momentum for 2018. You can sign up at the top of my page to get it... this post came from my own Vision Finder matrix.

Sometimes we look back at the year that has passed and are just so glad it's over. We didn't quite get or do what we wanted, and feel bummed about it. But despite how disappointed you feel, we need to get in the habit of celebrating our successes, however small and insignificant they feel. Whether anyone else notices are not, we celebrate... because my motivation and self-esteem is not in anyone else's hands.

I came across several celebrations from 2017.

I have grown so much, one way being that I recognize small feats of victory and can be proud of myself. I used to be hyper-super-"Type A,” and I was never good enough to be worthy of celebration. It was an exhausting and disappointing existence, if you can imagine.
So, changing my perspective and standards of forward-movement and life satisfaction, for me, is a great win… yay!

In 2017, some things that make me proud are:

  • I took a kick-ass solo vacation. I drove almost 1,000 miles, camped, hiked, made fires, ate, and kayaked by myself. I just went.
  • I learned what it meant to be a wife, not only in status and pride, but in partnership, the good and the bad, and in doing things you don’t want to do… for the sake of someone else.
  • I found my own eating and exercise routine that makes me feel great! (nothing structured, but my WORD below has paid off!)
  • I committed to working toward a life I dream of, even if the payoff isn’t great right now.
  • I cried a lot, laughed a lot, and dreamed a lot. I felt. Better yet, I allowed myself to feel.

PLEASE take time to recognize your victories, however small you think they are. Your beliefs and time are what makes up your life.

So, what else on my Vision Finder? I learned that A LOT of things are standing in my way… and they all lead back to ME.

I want to share with you part of my vision for 2018...

Something I really want is to take my own writing full time.
I also really want my life coaching to be full time.
My issue (obstacle) with this is: I want two things that I love to be FULL TIME… not possible. When I really want something, I’m all-in. So, at least that part I feel good about. However, wanting two things equally, trying to give both my all will realistically leave me torn and lacking in some department.

What am I (are you) willing/not willing to give up?

I don’t really want to give up anything, you know?
But to get what I truly want out of life, I have to start small so I can live BIG.
Give (time/attention/energy/time), spend more (money/time/energy), have less (money/time/energy/?), climb that ladder from the bottom… or maybe you’re half-way up your ladder and you’re hanging on with pinkies.

I'm definitely willing to give things up because I want it more than I'm willing to risk not having anything.

If you’ve gone through your own Vision Finder matrix, or taken an honest look at your past, I hope you’ve discovered some HARD TRUTHS about what your 2018 can look like, and what you have to do (begrudgingly, maybe) to get there.


I’ve been thinking about my word for 2018, through this Vision Finder I put together… and it’s surrounding the things that I can control. It’s about challenging myself, knowing that I can do it, but haven’t been great about it in the past. And that’s key- believing in yourself, even when it’s hard.

I want things that are almost there. I have glimpses of success with my dreams, but then slide down. But it’s me. I’m not doing everything in my power, and from my history and frustrations, I can’t blame anyone else for not reaching my desires. From my Vision Finder, I’ve decided my WORD for 2018 is:

 “CONSISTENT.”  Present-tense. Consistent now, I was consistent, I will be consistent.


Present-tense. Consistent now, I was consistent, I will be consistent.

Most of my failures have been because I gave up too early. I didn’t try hard enough. I felt alone and unsupported, so I figured it didn’t matter. It does matter to me.

Let me give you an easy example:
I want the house to be clean. I want a clean bathroom, kitchen, and laundry done in a reasonable manner. But, I don’t (and don't want to) CONSISTENTLY put the laundry away after it’s dry, and I don’t (and don't want to) CONSISTENTLY clean the pan after eggs stick to it. I don't (and don’t want to) CONSISTENTLY get out the cleaning supplies and then have to clean another rag.

But I want a clean house.

I feel frustrated and overwhelmed if I wait too long. Being CONSISTENT with the tasks will make my outcome more achievable. And I'd rather do the hard thing (for me, being CONSISTENT) than be disappointed.

I can and have seen how consistency helps in my workout and eating habits, relationships, time management, career growth, and so much more.
And that, my friends, is what we must do- do that thing that's a little hard, but totally doable, and extremely worth it.

I can't wait to hear what word you've decided & how you're celebrating yourself.
Cheers to 2018 and doing hard things!

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