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Sloane Green is a life coach specializing in academic life coaching, eating disorders, athletes and motivation. What do you want out of life? Let's get working on it today!


Who is Sloane?

Sloane (me) - sister, daughter, friend, dog mom, writer, wife.

Add: Life Coach.

I enjoy all things outdoors, my two labradoodles, art, writing, and helping people!

In college, I was a psychology major, and a journalism minor. My intention was to go to graduate school for counseling... then, I found COACHING and positive psychology!

My passions include learning, growing, helping, and manifesting good things in life.

I get it, life is hard. I promise, I empathize with that. 

I've been through some tough times and can honestly tell you that I wouldn't have been able to navigate life's difficulties without support. 

Sometimes we need help and it takes courage to ask for it!


My job as your coach is not to be your friend. I am your encourager, listener, cheerleader, prober-of-questions. I will listen to what you want and guide you to give yourself the answers. I will challenge you and hold you accountable. This is a partnership.

I believe in you, and I am your equal.

I have experience with students, women, body image, eating disorders, athletes, motivation, to name a few.

I'm excited to be in your life!

What is life coaching?

Life Coaching is different from therapy. Sometimes we need to talk about the past so we can create our lives, but that's behind us. I want to talk about now and the future you want to create.

Life Coaching is different from mentoring. I don't want to give you advice. I believe what worked for one person, might not work for another. I will help you create solutions and consider your options.

You have the answers, you just might not know it. I want to help you get there. I want to work with you in our time together and help you get what you want out of our sessions, and your life.

You aren't broken.
You don't need to be fixed.

I want to empower you with the tools and confidence to always move forward.

Okay, so How does this coaching stuff work for you?

We meet in person, or via Skype. 

We discover and work on important issues/topics, and we focus on that.

Together, we create action steps. 

I follow up with you.

You report back that you are achieving all the success you want in this world. Repeat! 

That's the goal.

Let's get started!

life coaching
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